Hardwood flooring is any substance that is made of wood and can be used for floors. Hardwood flooring is a flooring technique that is widely used in the world. It is the most preferred due to several reasons. Some of these reasons include that wood floors are more in style and very trendy in the modern day. Moreover, hardwood floors are easier on the feet and make space look larger and easier to clean. This is the reason why most homes have hardwood floors installed and finished. However, the famous and most obvious reason is that wood is relatively cheaper to buy, install and finish compared to other forms of flooring like tiles. 

There are to major types of hardwood flooring which include solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is manufactured from one piece of wood that responds to the climate in a natural way. This includes temperature and humidity. Engineered wood, on the other hand, involves several layers of wood pressed together under pressure to modify the response to climate. Both types are durable depending on the finishing used in flooring. 

Hardwood floor refinishing can be done by a homeowner with carpentry experience or by a professional carpenter depending on preference. Hardwood floor finishing can be done before and after installation also depending on preference. None is difficult thanthe other, but they both require carpentry experience and expertise. 

Before installation, the width and the length of the room are measured, and a product of the two gives the square footage. The flooring should be bought with an extra ten percent so as to allow cutting and fitting. The wood should be allowed to adapt to the surrounding climate by piling them on the floor two to three weeks before installation. The temperature in the room should also be maintained by heating and air conditioning to maintain a normal temperature throughout. This kind of flooring can be done over any old wood flooring or a plywood subfloor of a minimum thickness of  3/4  inch. The working space should be as clean as possible to ensure perfect installation. This is because even a small grain of sand can lead to poor installation. 


If the hardwood was not pre-finished before installation, finishing is a must step. This is done after filling all the holes using wood putty that can take stain and matches the wood color. The wood is then painted, and base molding is done to shield all expansion gaps. For a white finish, 'pickling white' wood stain is rubbed on the floor after a wood bleach is applied. This will ensure an exclusively white floor. Hardwood floor installation and finishing costing are done per square foot depending on the material and the location. Wood floor installation services are proven to be affordable for most homes.